Friday, March 11, 2011

Earthquake and Tsunami in Japan

Please keep the people of Japan in your thoughts and/or prayers as they deal with the destruction from the earthquake and the tsunami. Hundreds, if not thousands of people lost their lives. It will be days before we know the true scope of this disaster. The only bright spot so far is that the tsunami generated was relatively small, although that is probably no comfort to those in Japan who have lost loved ones.

When natural disasters like this occur, we all ask the same question: Why? 

As believer in a personal, all-loving God and the inherent infinite value of every human being, these situations greatly sadden me. I so wish I had a simple answer to why these terrible events occur. I think everybody does. But, the truth is, I do not know. Nobody knows. However, what I do know is that humans are capable of immense kindness and charity. It is during these harrowing times that you are able to observe the absolute best of humanity. Offers of help and support have come flooding in from people and governments. For a short time, we overlook all the differences between us and focus on what truly matters. I pray that one day it will not take a major natural disaster to bring out this behavior.

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