Saturday, November 5, 2011


I just felt my first earthquake! Very exciting!

USGS: 4.7 Earthquake in Oklahoma

I was sitting on my bed, reading an article about cold fusion when my bed began shaking and I heard the objects on my dresser start rattling. I also heard a dull roaring noise from outside. Shaking lasted about 10 or so seconds. Gave me and my cats quite a scare.

Update: It's been about 3 hours since I first posted. The original earthquake was large enough to cause about half a dozen aftershocks so far, several of which I have felt. There are all much smaller and shorter in duration than the first quake, but it's still unnerving to randomly feel everything start shaking. I feel sorry for people on the West Coast and up in Alaska, if this is what they have to go through all the time.

Update: So, it's now 11:30 at night. About half an hour ago, we got hit by a 5.6 earthquake, which is almost 10 times stronger than the one this morning. It's the biggest recorded earthquake in Oklahoma history. The shaking was much more intense this time. I was sitting down when it started, but as the shaking got more violent I stood up and could feel my whole house swaying slightly. Several objects fell off one of my shelves. All of our animal are quite upset.

USGS: 5.6 Earthquake in Oklahoma


  1. So Glad to hear you came through okay.

  2. Yeah, there was no lasting damage. It just not something I ever expected to experience in Oklahoma. Tornadoes are what we are used to, not earthquakes.

    The first quake was exciting, since I had never felt an earthquake before and the shaking was more like a strong vibration. But the second one was actually quite scary. It made my entire house sway back and forth. For a few seconds, I thought the house might collapse.

    The worst part, for me, was the lack of any warning. With a tornado, you usually get at least 5 minutes warning, and often more, so you have some time to prepare and take shelter. But, with an earthquake, there is absolutely nothing. That's pretty disconcerting.